The Aura

The Inner Aura

The bioplasmic body extends beyond the visible physical body by about four or five inches. This energy field, invisible to most people, follows the contours of the physical body like a giant glowing glove, and is called the inner aura. When the bioplasmic body becomes sick, it may be partly caused by general or localized depletion of prana in the bioplasmic body. This is called pranic depletion. The inner aura of the affected part is reduced to about two inches or less. For example, nearsighted persons usually have pranic depletion around the eye areas. The inner aura around the eye area may be smaller than two inches. However, there are cases in which an eye may suffer pranic depletion and congestion simultaneously. The more severe the sickness, the smaller the affected inner aura is. There are cases in which the affected inner aura has been reduced to half an inch or less.

You can learn to feel the inner auras with your palms in two to four sessions by following the instructions in the book, Miracles Through Pranic Healing. (This book is available for sale from NSW Pranic Healing or can be purchased as the text book used in the Institute of Inner Studies Basic Pranic Healing course, taught regularly in New South Wales.)

Feeling the auras is called scanning.

Sickness may also be caused by a persisting condition of excess prana in localized area or areas. This is called pranic congestion. The affected areas may protrude to about seven inches or more. In more severe cases, the affected inner aura may protrude to two and a half feet or more. An example is a person suffering from heart enlargement who has pranic congestion around the heart, left shoulder, and upper left arm. The affected areas may protrude to about one foot in thickness.

In pranic depletion and congestion, the surrounding fine meridians or bioplasmic channels are partially or severely blocked. It means prana cannot flow freely in and out around the affected area. Clairvoyantly, these affected areas are seen as light gray to dark gray in color. If the affected areas are inflamed, then they appear muddy red; with some cancer cases they appear muddy yellow, with appendicitis, muddy green; and with some cases of ear problems, muddy orange. In case you were ever wondering how things might look to a clairvoyant person then you are now starting to find out!


Health Rays

Sprouting out from the surface of the physical body are bioplasmic rays. These rays are called health rays and they interpenetrate the inner aura. The sum of these health rays is called the health aura. The health aura follows the contour of the visible physical body and functions as a protective force field that shields the whole body from germs and diseased bioplasmic matter in the surroundings. Toxins, wastes, germs, and diseased bioplasmic matter are expelled by the health rays predominantly through the pores. If a person is weakened, the health rays droop and are partially entangled. Then the whole body becomes susceptible to infection. The capacity of the health rays to expel toxins, wastes, germs, and diseased bioplasmic matter is also greatly diminished. Healing is facilitated by strengthening and disentangling the health rays.


The Outer Aura

Beyond the health aura is another luminous energy field called the outer aura. It interpenetrates the inner and health auras and usually extends about one meter away from the visible physical body. It is usually multicolored and shaped like an inverted egg. Its colors are influenced by the physical, emotional, and mental states of the person. Clairvoyantly, it is seen that some sick persons have holes in their outer auras through which prana leaks-out. Therefore, the outer aura can be considered as a force field that contains or prevents the leaking out of pranic energy. In a sense, it acts as a container for the subtle energies.