The Meditation Procedure

The following are not allowed to practice the Meditation on Twin Hearts:

  • Those below 18 years of age.
  • Those with heart trouble, hypertension, glaucoma and severe kidney ailments .
  • Pregnant women.
  • Doing this meditation can have adverse effects on people with the preceding conditions.
  • People with the above qualifications who insist on practicing the meditation do so at their own risk.

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1. Cleansing Exercise.

Cleanse the etheric body by doing simple physical exercises for about five to
ten minutes. During the exercise, light grayish matter, or used-up prana, is expelled from the etheric body. Physical exercises also minimise possible
pranic congestion since the Meditation generates a lot of subtle energies
in the body.

2. Invoke for Divine Blessings.

The invocation is important to one's protection, help and guidance. Without
the invocation, the practice of any advanced meditational technique can be dangerous. See The Great Invocation

3. Activating the Heart Chakra.

Press the center of your chest (heart area) with your finger or a few seconds. Then concentrate on the front heart chakra and bless the whole world with loving-kindness. The blessing should not be done mechanically. When blessing
the entire earth, visualize it as a small ball in front of you, being filled with
dazzling bluish pink light. During the blessing, visualize people smiling and
filled with joy, faith, hope, and peace. Visualize enemies reconciling, embracing and forgiving each other. You should also personally feel joy, happiness,
and peace filling your entire being while blessing the earth. Do not direct
this blessings to infants, children or individuals because they might be overwhelmed by the intense energy generated by this meditation.

4. Activating the Crown Chakra.

Press the top of your head for a few seconds. Then bless the planet earth
with loving-kindness from the Crown chakra. Feel the same positive energies
you evoked in step 3. Visualize brilliant white light from your Crown chakra
blessing the entire earth.

5. Visualize brilliant white light.

Visualize brilliant white light from your Crown chakra blessing the entire earth.

6. Blessing with both Crown and Heart Chakras.
Bless the earth simultaneously from both the Crown and Heart chakras with
golden light. This will align the two chakras and make the blessing more potent.

Feel the same positive energies you evoked in step 3 and 4.

7. Achieving Illumination

For illumination (expansion of conscious-ness), visualize a point of dazzingly
white light on top of your head and simultaneously chant mentally the word
AUM (Ah-omm--), or Amen (Ah-mennn--). Concentrate on the intervals or
gaps (moments of silence) between the AUMs or Amens, while maintaining
your concentration on the point of light. Do this for about 10 to 15 minutes.
When you can fully concentrate simultaneously on the point of light and on
the intervals between the AUMs, you will experience an inner explosion of light.

8. Releasing Excess Energy.

After meditation it is important to release all excess energy by blessing the
earth through your hands, with light, loving-kindness, peace, and prosperity
for several minutes until you feel your body has normalised. Continue blessing
if you still feel congested, otherwise the excess energy may cause headaches
and chest pains. The physical body may also deteriorate in the long run if there
is too much energy in the etheric body.