Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Course - April 13th & 14th 2019

Arhatic Yoga Preparatory Course - April 13th & 14th 2019

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Instructor : Marilette  Liongson
Venue: Mosman Community Arts Centre

(Prerequisite: Basic Pranic Healing, Advanced Pranic Healing Pranic Psychotherapy Or Achieving Oneness With The Higher Soul Certification, Arhatic Yoga Prep)
Arhatic Yoga is the path of the intellect, will power and love. It is an integration of powerful ancient secrets to activate and align the chakras and safely awaken the 'sacred fires'. It is also a path to enhance longevity. The word 'Arhat' means a highy integrated being, advanced mental powers, very refined emotions and engaged in a great contribution to the Divine Plan.

Arhatic Yoga is called the "yoga of synthesis ". It deals with the Science and Art of systematically activating the chakras and awakening the kundalini safely to a higher degree, in order to achieve glimpses of illumination and expansion of consciousness.

One of the common and serious mistakes among esoteric practitioners is to try and awaken the kundalini in order to activate the chakras. A truly advanced yogi or chi kung practitioner is aware of the necessity of purifying oneself and substantially activating the chakras first, before awakening the kundalini. Otherwise, serious pranic congestion will occur if too much kundalini energy goes to the relatively under activated chakras which are still small in size, resulting in serious physical ailments or discomfort.

The practice of Arhatic Yoga is under the guidance of an advanced teacher or Master. It helps one develop a powerful aura, a strong, magnetic and well-integrated personality and the creative powers of materialising your goals in life. Serious practice offers the potential of achieving the highest spiritual heights in this Life.